Evelyn Tubb

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Evelyn Tunn has become one of the major names in the happy army of musicians who are been seeking out some of the lost treasures of an earlier time, and trying to restore the colours on some of the better known masters. This journey began while she was studying at the Guildhall School of Music and she is now admired throughout the world as an expressive and influential interpreter who combines period style with the use of gesture and dramatic characterisation in echoes of the renowned singing actresses of the past. Evelyn has always been an eclectic musician. Her own teaching has also become recognised over the years, and she is much in demand for courses and colleges world-wide, including the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.

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Canzon del Principe Ippolito Tartaglino | Carlo Gesualdo, Principe di Venosa | Scipione Stella | Francesco Lambardo | …

Canzon del Principe

Luigi Rossi's Manuscript (London, British Library MS Add. 30491