Alain Kremski

Alain Kremski

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Alain Kremski's first composition for orchestra, written at the age of seventeen, attracted the attention of adjudicators including Igor Stravinsky, Nadia Boulanger and Aaron Copland who awarded him the first prize of the American Wiliam and Noma Copley Foundation. He then studied music at the Paris Conservatoire, where he gained first prizes in harmony, counterpoint, fugue, conducting, piano accompaniment and composition. He won the Rome Prize (Grand Prix de Rome), first prize in the International Prince Pierre de Monaco Competition in composition, category symphonic works. The Paris Grand Prix with his «Hommage à Kandinsky», first performed under Marius Constant. And he won the prize of the Lili Boulanger Foundation and the New York Marsden Foundation for the entirety of his work.

Alain Kremski's journey is indeed a strange one... After brillant studies he abandoned a clearly lead-out path in order to explore the mystical universe of the sounds of temple bells, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, fascinated by Asian music and instruments as Debussy has been by Javanese orchestras and percussions before him.

Like Debussy, Kremksi won the first Prize of Rome in composition at twenty-two, entitling him to live in the Villa Medici for three years. There he made friends with the painter Balthus who infused him with his passion for painting, sculpture, architecture, literature and travel...

Alain Kremski writes extremely precise codified music for Tibetan singing bowls and gongs which can be played by two, three, five or more players depending on the score. However, the also composes for orchestra, for choirs, for the piano and chamber music.

As a pianist he tackles unusual repertoires: little-known works by Friedrich Nietzsche, sacred, enigmatic and touching music by G.Gurdijeff, unfamiliar pieces by the visionary Liszt or rarely heard works by Clara Schumann, Richard Strauss, Grieg, Dvorak, Alkan and transcriptions by Borodin.He often begins a Recital with Mahler, Nietzsche, Debussy and Gurdijeff, ending with his own music for Tibetan wood blocks and gongs. He has performed in the most varied circumstances and places: before Panchen Lama in Peing, at the celebration of the 40th birthday of the Sultan of Brunei, before Tibetan Lamas in the temple of Kagyu-Ling.

Alain Kremski has also worked for the theatre with Peter Brook, created «travel concerts» with Jeanne Moreau, Michael Lonsdale and others. He is aware of the problems of our age, often playing for humanitarian organizations for Tibetan children.

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