8 Concertos for pianoforte solo

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8 Concertos for pianoforte solo



8 Concertos for pianoforte solo

«Bach ... soon realized that the constant running and jumping would not do, that order, continuity and coherence must connect the ideas and that in order to reach this aim, he needs some sort of instruction. As an instruction of this kind he availed himself of the violinconcertos by Vivaldi, then newly edited. He often heard them being praised as masterly pieces of music that he had the sudden and happy idea to arrange them all for his pianoforte. He studied the development of the ideas, the correlation between them, the changes of the modulation and many things more. Changing the ideas and passages which had been adapted to the violin but were not suited to the pianoforte thought him to think musically so that after accomplishing his work no longer had to rely on his fingers to provide him with ideasm but could take them from his imagination» (Philipp Spitta)