CHOCOLATE-LOUNGE | «The Unforgettables»

The pieces we have chosen to record are charming examples of a musical style, which was very popular around the turn of the last century. In those days, before radio, television, jukeboxes or longplaying records, families would gather round the upright in the parlor and sing and play favourite selections. When people went out for an evening's entertainment, they found ensembles playing in restaurants and hotels. Such ensembles included in their repertoire ouvertures and selections from opera and operetta, folk and art songs, and some chamber music. Most often, the ensemble consisted of violin, cello and piano, a combination that could do so much with few players. Generally the performance level was at least competent because such jobs commanded good salaries and steady employment. we hope you enjoy these melodies as much as we enjoyed recording them.

They are affectionately offered to you as a lavender-scented nosegay from the past - evocative and charming.(Andreas Trio)

The Andreas Trio: Eugene Drucker (violin) | Albert Catell (violoncello) | Milton Kaye (piano)