Amati Quartett — 200 Years String Quartet

«I have always found this kind of manifestation to be the easiest way to understand instrumental music. You hear four intelligent people conversing, believe you draw something from their talk and, become familiar with the peculiarities of the instruments.» Thus wrote Goethe to Zeller in 1828. Even tough Goethe's views on music were sometimes more than questionable, there is no doubt that he nailed down the essence of the string quartet in this frequently quoted appreciation: the interplay of our individual and independent partners integrated into the structure of a cohesive whole.

This catalogue-CD traces the history of the string quartet starting with Haydn although the roots of string quartet go back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Amati Quartet on this CD with Willy Zimmermann, first violin | Katarzyna Nawrotek, Thomas Wicki, Barbara Suter, Barbara Kinck second violins | Nicolas Corti, viola | Claudius Hermann, Johannes Degen, Peter Hörr, violoncello